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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
What you have missed out is that carers are not given honest information. And are seldom asked "Do you agree and consent to be a carer"
The answer to that question is still a choice.

A choice where the answer is loaded too far to one inevitable reply.

After all , why do 6 million + care under the terms and conditions as laid out in the first posting ?

The real answer is because there is NO choice !

Time to blow the dust off our Lord Kitch and bring his " Presence " back into the minds of all readers.

Only a few weeks to go and the House reassembles.

Whoopie !


If your quick , the bookies are offering even money that not one of our " Injustices " will even be mentioned by the end of the year .... one of the safest bets around ?

4 - 5 on for by the end of next year,

1 - 2 on for by the end of this century.

And , they take food bank vouchers !
Thanks to the BBC , LK has been updated ... don't want him to be inaccurate , do we ?

Age ? Not a problem. As young as 5 , as old as 103 , we take them all !

Never know who might drop in and have a butchers ?

Odds on recent amendment being amended again in the future ?

Very long but ... this is CarerLand wherein nothing is impossible !!!

Perhaps in the number of carees cared for by a sole carer ?

Would be par for the course if said carer could NOT claim CA for one reason or another ?

Working on a suitable bullet point to reflect the change in mortgage interest under UC from April 2018 ... both blunt and very sharp at the same time , me thinks ?

" You're 'aving a laff , no one would take on a job under those terms and conditions ... pure fantasy ! "

Thank you for your contributuin Mr. DWP ... and bar ?
Sign of increasing age ... old age ... been staring me in the face for weeks ... now added :

And , when your caring days are ended , don't expect us to provide a " Former Carers Welfare Officer " to help you adjust to life on the outside. We only provide that service to prisoners !

APOLOGIES to all former carers , me included !
Further bit added to reflect what happens when caring ceases :
If you sign on at your local job centre for JSA , we will not take into account Carers Allowance as contributions , we will only pay you JSA if your income is below the financial limit currently in operation. Sorry , but caring is disallowed for automatic JSA. So , if he cannot afford to lose £ 62.50 per week when your caring end , get a job like everyone else.
Horrendous one , for some , following posting from one member , now added.

APOLOGIES to all for NOT including any earlier ... this issue has been recorded on forums before !

" Caring days ended and residing in social housing , and not on the tenancy ? Oh dear ... bad luck ... your local cardboard city awaits while you find yourself a job and somewhere to live. "