Working when caring need advice help

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
I care for my auntie with cp as well as serious learning difficulties where she can't live independly without assistants. She live along but with a lot of help l. I work as a carer as well as carer for her my job not flexible I struggling with getting time for all her appointments doctors hospital taking her to living skills class's doing her shopping cleaning for her and more

any one else work how u cope

I thinking about giving up work what benefits can I get
Naomi, welcome to the forum.
Do NOT give up your job yet.
I have a son with severe learning difficulties, who now lives alone in a flat with care staff supporting him. Your auntie clearly needs more help than she is getting. That is a matter for Social Services to sort out. Ask them for an urgent review of her Needs Assessment, and your Carers Assessment. You should be given a written copy of both. If auntie needs to go to appointments, support with cleaning etc. etc. it's their job to sort this out, not yours.