Struggling mentally

For issues specific to caring for someone with mental ill health.
For the last month maybe longer I have been having extremely bad anxiety attacks,it's took me 7 years to seek help from mental health services I saw someone who made me cry and am expetectex to see them again I asked about meds for anxiety as these I take do nothing and also change in anti depressants no nothing I am still just left with no support,my GP had a cancellation Monday and he increased my meds for anxiety but they make me sleepy and am on meds that cause that he did say stop them which I did weeks ago well just go back to what I take but no on the increase again I asked gp to refer me crisis team rather than sit in A and E he said makes no difference and said no it does me no good sitting for hours I also told him I wanted to hurt myself and was honest like I told him weeks ago what I tried still nothing,I have been told I may not be able to change from person who I saw so if not am left again.
Hello Tracie
In most NHS areas you can now self refer for mental health support. Just Google your area and CBT and see what comes up. Even if you've tried cbt before the links may get you refered to something else. When I tried it I had to fill in a quick questionnaire and then they get in touch depending on urgency and need.

Remember too, that it is natural to feel sad and anxious when a loved one is ill, and you are still grieving others who died recently. It doesn't mean you are unwell.

The Samaritians are always then ,even when mental health crisis team isn't . You just dial 116 123, that's it

Thinking of you
Thank you

I am very u well despite my dad and loss of father inlaw I have bpd and its out of control,I have had therapy lots of times and we discussed with the director of mh no more because it make me worse,took me 7 years to get help and still no wish had not bothered won't say a word anymore will keep mouth shut
Hi Tracie,
It's nice to hear from you again although sad you have been feeling so low recently. Just remember if the professional spoke out of turn and upset you , every one has bad days so perhaps you had your appointment at a bad time fo rthem. Please keep in touch with them and if need be let them know that they are speaking out of turn and not giving the support you need right now. Wishing you well. :) :)