Any other young carers out there?

A place for those 18-35 to chat about all things caring.
Hi i am 29 and i care for my son who is autistic and he has a sensory disorder.i have two other kids too and life is very hard and stressful
Hi Shinza,
Welcome to the forum.

Please post a hello on the New to the Forum thread as well, as more folk will see it and respond.

I care for S, he is now 25 (where did time go ?!) he has autism and sensory processing disorder too. He wears special earplugs when out and about. He has a weighted blanket on his bed and blackout blinds as he finds the dark helps him de-stress.

How old are your children? Do you receive any support/ use any schemes, clubs etc?

Sidra_1705 wrote:Hi.. I'm also a young carers just joined today.. I'm 27 I care for my mum.. have been caring for about 4 years now.. left so much behind to help my mum get back in her feet...ive read so many post and just want to say that everyone sounds so lovely here.. I'm really glad I joined.. thank you all
Hey to all the young carers. Just Googled advice for how to deal with caring and making sure there is a life for me. Which I struggle to do. After seeing Sidras post especially, I can relate. I am 27 and also looking after my mum. I have been caring for her since I was 19years old. She has lupus but in the past I cared for her part time since she was able to go back to work and I continued my studies and work. But recently the lupus has been aggressive and I've stopped everything to be by her side, whilst I watch all my friends fulfill their lives. This is our journey to care I understand.

But my God it's hard. I don't have family sadly for support. So just me, mum and dad. And just glad there's a community where we can all share our stories and not feel so alone.
I'm a 25 year old who been caring for around 10 years now. It so hard and effects me both socially and finacualy I can't afford to move out and really affects my mental health
Caring's tough at any age - when you are young it's worse, as you see your precious youth passing you by...

Who is it you care for? What are their care needs? How come ended up spending the last ten years dedicated to another human being?

Sorry if I sound a little 'angry' but even if you deeply love the person you have been caring for, in a 'good' society no 15 year old should be a carer - let alone for the next ten years.

Tell us a little more about your circumstances, and perhaps we can point in directions that might lighten your caring load....
Hi Guys, I’m caring for my oldest who is 16years old with mental health needs aswell as behavioural issues query asd, my 13year old has ASD a cognitive delay and processing disorder my 8year old has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epileptic has a learning delay and failure to thrive and my 20month old has spd, hypermobility and query hemiplegia.