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Medication Adherence - Let's Take Care of It

10 July 2017

Are you caring for someone with a complex medication regime?

Recent research has shown that 35% of people caring help out with medication – that’s the equivalent to over 2 million people in England alone. It can often be confusing for you or the person you care for to know which medication they should be taking and when.

By not taking medicines correctly, patients may not be managing their health effectively and may not be getting better. It’s known as medication adherence. Nearly 200,000 deaths occur each year due to missed doses of medication and patients are often unaware of the negative consequences of not taking the correct medication.

Although this is a common problem, there is a simple solution. A conversation with your pharmacist could be all it takes to ensure the person you care for are getting the best from their medicines. There are a range of solutions and support tools available to help you or someone you care for take the right medication at the right time. This includes SureMed by Omnicell easy to use pill packs which include all medication packed into individual blisters for different days and times of the week.

SureMed by Omnicell pill packs are designed to take the stress and pressure from carers who are managing someone else’s complex medication regimes or for patients struggling to adhere to medication. The efficiency of the pill packs are highlighted through a recent carers story.

Dave has been caring for partner, Martin since he was diagnosed with HIV in 1988. He takes 56-58 tablets a day and Dave used to try and arrange his daily medication in a plastic box by himself. It would take hours of his time and if he dropped the box he would have to start all over again. Now, Martin’s medication is pre-packed in SureMed by Omnicell blister packs and believes that “it would be a virtually impossible tasks for many carers to manage medication without them”.

You can ask your pharmacist if SureMed by Omnicell pill packs are an appropriate solution and if so, your pharmacist will provide the service and pack for free.

Don’t struggle on alone. Let’s Take Care of It.

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