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Carers UK reacts to Scottish Government proposal to increase Carer’s Allowance Supplement

06 May 2020

The Scottish Government has today announced that it is proposing an additional £19.2 million investment in the Carer's Allowance Supplement.

If approved by parliament, around 83,000 eligible carers in Scotland will get an extra £230.10 through a special one-off Coronavirus Carer's Allowance Supplement in June.

Responding, Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK said:

“This is an important act of acknowledgement for Scotland’s unpaid carers – the majority of whom have been providing even more care for their older, disabled or seriously ill loved ones during the pandemic. Many unpaid carers in Scotland will appreciate being recognised and this extra money will help them meet some of the extra costs they are facing during the outbreak.

“Now, the UK Government needs to do its part to ensure the rest of the UK’s unpaid carers receiving Carer’s Allowance – and providing upwards of 35 hours of care a week – also receive a coronavirus supplement. This is imperative to show carers that the Government recognises the additional financial costs that they are facing at this time. Caring Behind Closed Doors, our research into carers’ experiences during lockdown, showed 81% of unpaid carers had extra financial costs as a result of the crisis. At the same time, unpaid carers are under extra pressure, providing more care and not getting breaks.”

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